Monday, December 27, 2010

The Spirit of Christmas Past

 Christmas came, Christmas went; here's the greeting I wish I had sent

~ I wish you all Love, Health, Wealth,
 Contentment, Joy, and Time ~

  • Love in abundance
  • Health to the end of your days
  • Wealth sufficient to meet your needs
  • Contentment with your lot  
  • Joy in appropriate measure, and   
  • Time to reflect on your life and enjoy it 

  Although it may seem unusual not to wish you unbounded Joy, I believe it  can best be appreciated by contrast, as the light shines more brightly where there has been dark.
I know a lot of  friends have had bad experiences this year due to illness and the downturn of the economy.  Family problems abound and effect us deeply.
   I hope that the entreaty to "soldier on" isn't inappropriate, and doesn't sound heartless. It's meant in the kindest,  most encouraging way.

  Many blessings to all for the season past, and the coming year. 

"God Bless us Every One"
                 ~ Charles Dickens~ "A Christmas Carol"

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