Monday, December 13, 2010

Do you see what I see?

The Best-est Surprise

On my regular trip up to the mailbox a couple of weeks ago, I was feeling a bit glum and thought that if I went for a walk after I picked up the mail it might do me some good.  I expected nothing but the regular stuff.....bills....advertising.....junk mail....donation requests and maybe a magazine.  That would have been the highlight of a boring, cold and rainy day.
I was surprised when I opened the door and found a parcel sitting on top of all the bills, advertising, junk mail etc.    I thought maybe my husband had ordered a part for his saw or a coin set; maybe even a Christmas present for me that I wasn't supposed to see. ( tee hee...I could leave it here and let him collect it the innocent)......
Nope.  It was addressed to me.  To my familiar name.  Trish Stover.  Not Mrs. Patricia Stover.  I couldn't remember ordering anything that I hadn't already received, and when I turned it over, I thought the return address looked a bit familiar, but surely, it couldn't be from Robin.....whom I have never met except on Facebook, where we are friends.
I abandoned my plans for a walk.  Strangely,  I was feeling much better already.  I rushed home and tore into that package like a kid at Christmas.  It was the best-est surprise.  Suddenly the sun was shining, and the glums had dissipated.
Robin had sent me one of her beautiful little  primitive Christmas ornies.  How lucky am I?
....another Surprise!!!!

Believe it or took me a few days to realize that the darling little box that forms the base of this ornament  actually contained something.  Because it has ribbon around the top of the box, I thought it was sealed and permanently closed.   Well, Duh!!!!   I picked it up to show someone....again.....and felt something rattle inside.  It's full of beautiful cinnamon stars.  The smell is fabulous.  What a treat.
Now who is the best-est person?  Must be Robin Armstrong Seeber.  Take a look at her blog and see more of her whimsical creations in her Etsy shop...... and go ahead.  Be jealous.  I don't care.   LOL

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