Friday, December 17, 2010

HUMBUG, I Say!!!

~~ Bah!!  Humbug!! ~~

“ Not only do we work all year in frigid temperatures, no vacation, no union, no retirement benefits, but we have to dress funny and the fat guy gets all the credit.  Bah!!  Humbug!! 


  1. I feel like he looks by this time of year...Are we done yet?! lol Maybe a little Christmas Cheer would cheer things along here as never know 'till you try. :)

  2. Soon it will all be just a dream, and we'll actually start looking forward to the next one. Humans is the crazzzzziest people!

  3. Pam said she could smell the Christmas cheer on his breath. LOL. He does look like he's been tippling, doesn't he?