Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day (s)

I have posted a picture of a young man in uniform.
Can you imagine this being your son? He is so proud to be in uniform and  anxious to be off.   He's a farm boy.  He has enlisted without the knowledge of his parents.   It's his birthday.  He is 17. 
He's my Dad.  He is now 87 and one of the last remaining WW11 vets. He talks about it very little, although will answer questions about  where he served and the people he served with. He says his days in the army are the best time of his life. 
He doesn't know how proud we are of him.  He did what he had to do and didn't expect or require any fanfare when he returned home.  He worked hard and supported his family no matter how many jobs he had to take to do so.  He probably still doesn't know to this day how much we love and respect him no matter what we say.  
Here's to you, Dad, and all the Dads who gave their childhood, energy, and lives so that we could have the freedom we have today.   
Trish, Pam, and Linda  

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  1. My dad never talked much about the war either, but when he was in his early 60's, he and Mother began attending some of the Air Force reunions. He enjoyed catching up with old friends.

    We can only imagine their experiences, but we can certainly appreciate their service!