Saturday, August 27, 2011

EHAG giveaway

The "A Few of My Favorite Things" August EHAG Emporium Giveaway

"Zombies and werewolves and black cats with kittens,
Witches with cauldrons and potions unwritten,
Ghosts, ghouls and goblins on their ghastly flings,
These are a few of our favorite things."

Spooky treats.....for free.  Who doesn't love a freebie? 
 EHAG Emporium is having a giveaway.....AGAIN! 
 Don't miss out on the chance to score a piece of Halloween art from one of these talented folks. Click on the title above to check it out and leave a comment or better yet, a verse of your own.  The Emporium doors will creak open at 9 pm on August 31, to reveal spooktacular delights and the draw will be held the night before at 9 pm.  
After all, Halloween is just around the corner

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