Monday, April 25, 2011

Caught in the Act

SOLD.....thank you Amanda.  He's on his way :>)

Poor little Foo Foo.  He’s only doing what comes naturally,
 but it doesn’t meet with the approval of the majority.
 I guess we all celebrate Spring in our own way.
“Little Rabbit Foo Foo –Caught in the Act” comes from my slightly warped mind.
  He's 5 ½ inches from his big rabbity feet to the tip of his longest ear.  His whiskers are from a paintbrush, his backside sports a grey woollen tail, his little shirt is cotton, and his slightly stunned expression is inherent.  I take no responsibility for that :>)
He is a One of A Kind and is for sale right now at

Please note that no field mice were hurt  in the production of this piece  ;>) 

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